Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I want to teach

The year was ninety-ninety six I was a nineteen year old Senior at a boarding school on Cape Cod called Riverview. I was one of fourteen senior guys which was a problem because unfortunately the senior dorm fit twelve guys not fourteen. This turned out to be a sign though because I and one other guy were put next door with a Junior, a few sophomores, and finally four to five youngsters that were either eleven or twelve. Except here is the thing one of them became a bit more close to me then all the rest his name was Keith, he was different then the others he took me beating him up not in a violent way more like a big brother would. I at times made sure he was doing his schoolwork when the dorm staff was busy. His life was cut way to short when he passed away December of 2010. Keith, I know your looking down on the entire Riverview Family. You will be missed!! Thanks for helping me be inspired Keith.

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