Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teaching Can we get some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

When I first started this blog not that long ago I thought to myself I'll share my life with those that want to learn about who I am. I promised I would never get on a soapbox, and talk about what my feelings were about education. That didn't last long as you'll see. Sorry, I share my opinions through my eloquent writing not to mention I actually have time to keep putting posts together as I currently am on vacation.

Here I go on my soapbox... if you stop here no hard feelings. The other day I was talking to someone, and they were asking me what I was doing for work these days, I told them that I was teaching in a vocational program at the Community College here on the Cape. They then asked me how many hours I did that, I responded eighteen, they then asked how much I made, I responded. Then they told me "You've Got to Find a NEW job, Christ!! I exclaimed I'm surviving it is tough however I love what I do!! He exclaimed yeah thats great I've got grandsons that make more than you do, hell I make more in a day then you do in a week. Well that stuck.... really? I didn't make the law that states that a state employee can't work more then eighteen hours, and okay you make more then I do in a week do you love your work? Maybe you do, I bet $ though that you probably don't, not as much as I do. Plus everyday do you get to come home feeling as though your helping to mold the minds of this generation? I do. So here is the ultimate question why do teachers get the shit end of the stick? My mom is a teacher and has been for twenty-five + years, she makes okay $ but she is sixty years old, and she still feels as though she needs to keep working for another five at least maybe more. REALLY? That just screams to me WOW!! We've got carpenters,contractors,
construction workers, painters, bankers,and corporate C.O's making more then a teacher does, and on top of that many are crooks. Let me again just say REALLY? When will Education/ and its employees get as Aretha said some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ? One more note my dad is a carpenter, so I know what they do, and the work they put in.

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Monday, March 14, 2011


I was just sitting down watching some t.v. I'm on vacation from college this week. Here is the latest commercial that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. Then again what commercials these days that are talking about a drug make sense. I'll let you watch this one, and decide for yourself.

Alright so your kids are great, and you love them, and you want to be protected. I get it, I do the only problem is that well the side effects. Just listen to them all, certain types of cancers, a cyst, an infection in your uterian wall, and so many others I guess the only good part is that it doesn't involve sudden explosive diarhea. I mean what is the FDA's criteria these days. Oh they want to get some sleep, do you think they'd mind if they accidentally woke up in their own feces. They are tired of bratty awful kids ruining there lives. You don't think they'd mind if when this got put into the uterus it may fuck it permanently do you? Just one man's thoughts. Also don't even get me started on the toyota commercial for the highlander.