Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Emotions, and Our Joy

Approximately or pretty close to three years ago Beth and I went on a journey that neither of us will soon forget. Beth and I when we first met didn't have much thought to bringing another person into the mix over time that changed for us. We began to try to get pregnant and a few times including once   7 1/2 weeks in we were unfortunately at least three times probably more we had the unfortunate experience of losing each.

After much discussion and investigating on both ends we decided that we had love to give and we went on this journey! What a journey it was for us.

It started with a parenting course that was 5 weeks long every Saturday by the way Beth and I both believe that every person wanting or about to have kids should have to take this course.  Yes some of it isn't specific to new parents but a lot of it is. After that we had to get our house approved and ready for our child. In our case that meant turning our loft into an enclosed bedroom and getting things prepped. My mother-in law Bev found a handyman who she trusted and knew and his/hers bedroom became an enclosed space to qualify as a bedroom. After getting the home approved and even at times going to events that had adopted children at it. This was where some strong emotions could kick in because the amount of children at these events was eye-opening. I can recall one "adoption" party where I kept on seeing it looked like a 5 year old boy he once looked in what I thought was our direction. It turned out had two siblings and his social worker wanted them all to stay together. Another "adoption" party the "big" one where every single child and social worker attended saw us look at several kids as they played on bounce houses, got there face painted, and caricatures done. This is done yearly by Jordan's Furniture.

Let me fast-forward through our very first disclosure this occurred because a social worker at the annual "adoption" party actively was seeking a home for one of the kids in her case load. Neither Beth or I felt comfortable with her or even the child's background but we had never been to a disclosure before. After turning her down after some discussion between each other, and our worker I think both of us felt the process weighing on us.

In middle November of 2014 the process appeared was going to get us a child. Neal our worker came with all of a little boy's  information and without really being aware we had our second disclosure. I called his teachers, his pediatrician, and even his foster mom and on a Monday in early December we said yes to a little boy. Keep in mind both of us had experienced loss with miscarriages. The next three days we got safety items that would keep him safe then Thursday we got a call.

That Christmas wasn't a happy one for either of us and it was extremely hard as most around us were happy. It was Christmas a time for family and loved ones but we had just lost what we thought was our newest family member. After about two months I think both of us had grieved each differently.

Finally 2015 close to the end of school and our worker gave us our boy our Hunter. We couldn't be happier or more blessed. Thanks for reading.

A quick activity for the family or if you wish. It was done in our parenting class.

Shut the lights off, close your eyes, and imagine being a child who hears a knock on the door. A worker walks in and tells you grab your belongings you're coming with me. Right then right there take what's important to you. Try the activity without having any emotion afterward.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Second Book& more

Second book did indeed get published this past spring. It is a mystery/thriller with intentions on potentially becoming a series involving some characters. On another note I also wrote a story for children which may at some time get published. Finally and certainly not least I continue my search for a teaching position on Cape Cod while I do that I'm working as a meat stocker at Market Basket in Sagamore, MA.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A published book, and another possibly on the way!

About six months ago I did the unthinkable, well at least in my eyes it was. I've been writing about myself and all the events that have taken place in my life because I enjoy writing, and then I had a thought I would investigate what it would take to publish. The key word is investigate, and instead I ended up writing a book. Yes... you heard correctly I wrote a book. Its called Believe and it is about me. I hope that it inspires everyone who ever felt that they couldn't do anything. When I initially wrote it I thought that it was going to be for a specific audience not for the general public and what I found is that it is for everyone.

I knew that I could write I know that sounds a bit cocky but my mom always encouraged us creatively whether it be with writing or with her passion art. I hope that those that choose to read my book will feel the utterly amazing sense of accomplishment and the emotion. I think that is what shocked me the most, my wife, and others who have read it say they cry when reading it. Obviously that isn't the intent but it is nice that my writing touches people that deeply.

To purchase this book you can go to the Cape Cod Community College bookstore, or library. You also are able to purchase it on Amazon, bookamillion.com, borders.com, or Bn.com. I hope that you all do, I'm deeply proud of it, and while it may be a short read especially for those that are fast readers it seems to connect with people.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Emotional High

Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most amazing people I know have fun! This may not seem like such a feat for most except this individual who my wife worked with for eleven years has the worst diagnosis possible he has Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. Well last night surrounded by friends, family, and jazz musician Marcia Ball who he adored for so long we witnessed truly the most remarkable thing you could imagine.

He lives right on Old Silver Beach here on Cape Cod, if you aren't familiar with it look it up on google, his house rests right above the beach and has some of the most amazing views. We all got to witness these views last night but we also got to be a part of something that isn't normal. We got to witness two people David,and his wife Andy who feel truly blessed. Andy David's wife does everything for her husband with such dignity, and grace its hard to fathom how. So the next time you say to yourself man I'm having the worst day I want you to think of a man who was a dentist and practiced it for thirty plus years and had to give up everything. If you want more information about ALS, and want to help with an organization that has helped David tremendously find out about Cape Cod ALS.

For those of you that know David, I hope that I put into words the feelings that we all had during the night last night. The emotion ran high both in happiness, and in sadness.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Customer Service where has it gone to?

I consider myself to be a pretty easygoing individual, and my wife certainly can let things slide without a real issue most of the time. However in the last two weeks I've not been able to as easily.

First let me state that I'm unemployed at the moment not for lack of trying, and my wife works M-F with weekends off. Why do you care you ask? Well see as an unemployed individual I find it hard to believe the way that I get treated sometimes. This is especially true at well-known chain/discount stores of late. The other day I went into a well-known discount store with the intention of buying a few frames not many so I didn't grab a carriage or a basket. While searching for frames I was sipping on a coffee and it was getting down to the end of it, and it turns out I ended up with more frames then expected so I politely walked up to a cashier, and asked if she would please dispose of my coffee for me, the glare that I got from them was it was as if I just asked them to go ahead and wipe my ass after taking a dump. Yes you read that correctly... they took my coffee and preceded to go outside to a trash barrel to dispose of said trash.

As if that wasn't bad enough I also several weeks ago watched as some very young employees including one that was in a supervisory role talked about there friends as several walked in to say hello as I waited for food to be given to me.

What's my point? We're in one of the worst economic stages in American history, and still those that are working don't get that they are DAMN LUCKY to be.... yes you guessed it working!!

On a side note I get that people have bad days but I always was and will teach to those that I teach during the school year leave your attitude, etc at the door. Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to subscribe to my posts.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Role Model/why I Educate?

Many people may want to know why I got into the field of education, and for a while at least in the early years when I thought that I wanted to work in the early childhood education field it was because I got Great feedback from parents. Then as time passed, and I realized that I would prefer elementary school students I realized that the most wonderful loving women in the world is why I want to educate. I saw her students ask her for advice, check out her art shows, and be her "student teacher". I saw how much what she did meant to them.

Now all of those students I'm hoping will band together as one and help her. A N.H. bill now has a provision that makes public employees at will employees if a contract expires before a new one is written. So far said bill has passed in the House, and now it moves to the Senate. It is the last thing that this Amazing Loving women deserves, she has put her heart and soul into her teaching for the last at least thirty years, and she inspires me every day. So please if you were at one time a student of hers, or a parent of a student she needs you to help her be heard. Without her inspiring me every day, or her love I wouldn't be where I am today as her son!!

If you want more information here is a link from todays paper in NH. Also below is how to contact her school district/school board.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teaching Can we get some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

When I first started this blog not that long ago I thought to myself I'll share my life with those that want to learn about who I am. I promised I would never get on a soapbox, and talk about what my feelings were about education. That didn't last long as you'll see. Sorry, I share my opinions through my eloquent writing not to mention I actually have time to keep putting posts together as I currently am on vacation.

Here I go on my soapbox... if you stop here no hard feelings. The other day I was talking to someone, and they were asking me what I was doing for work these days, I told them that I was teaching in a vocational program at the Community College here on the Cape. They then asked me how many hours I did that, I responded eighteen, they then asked how much I made, I responded. Then they told me "You've Got to Find a NEW job, Christ!! I exclaimed I'm surviving it is tough however I love what I do!! He exclaimed yeah thats great I've got grandsons that make more than you do, hell I make more in a day then you do in a week. Well that stuck.... really? I didn't make the law that states that a state employee can't work more then eighteen hours, and okay you make more then I do in a week do you love your work? Maybe you do, I bet $ though that you probably don't, not as much as I do. Plus everyday do you get to come home feeling as though your helping to mold the minds of this generation? I do. So here is the ultimate question why do teachers get the shit end of the stick? My mom is a teacher and has been for twenty-five + years, she makes okay $ but she is sixty years old, and she still feels as though she needs to keep working for another five at least maybe more. REALLY? That just screams to me WOW!! We've got carpenters,contractors,
construction workers, painters, bankers,and corporate C.O's making more then a teacher does, and on top of that many are crooks. Let me again just say REALLY? When will Education/ and its employees get as Aretha said some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ? One more note my dad is a carpenter, so I know what they do, and the work they put in.

If you like what you see written please follow me, and if you are a parent I highly recommend you check out the blogs I follow www.thedaddyfiles.com, and sevenroom.blogspot.com. The first is from one of my neighbors who is a first time dad, and the second is written by my big brother. Thanks for reading.