Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life Changes for this ld student

Today is March 2nd, 2010. Wow has my life change over these last nearly eleven months. After always working since the time I was fourteen years old yeah my mom (above with my her granddaughter Scarlett)actually wanted me to work earlier then that I lost a job. I did attend high school or boarding school during some of that time so it wasn't as if I always had a job the only thing that stopped me was schooling and that was just high school. The other thing that happened is after not really ever-looking at all I found my girlfriend who I care very deeply for. Her name is Beth she is a dental assistant in Falmouth. During the time that I was away from work if one thing kept on being repeated to me and I was feeling it was that I wanted to teach. The Project Forward program has given me so many chances to show that I can teach, and every day I feel such jubilation that I got to be part of a special group that changes year to year. The problem that I came across last year was I got some confidence with some interviewing at school systems, and then didn't get any of the positions and I learned that if I would have gotten any positions Project Forward would be no longer. One thing I do know is I love my job teaching and molding young adults into the future workers of tomorrow. My mom by the way is a school teacher and has been teaching up in NH for at least the last twenty-five years!!! Maybe that is where I get some of it from!!