Friday, January 7, 2011

Does Education Mean Nothing?

First off is that truly a serious question no not really at this point in time in my life though maybe it is. I have two friends that are extremely successful and neither of them finished getting an Associates Degree, one works for a company called Flextronics which basically is a company that Verizon contractually uses to fix your broken cell phone. He makes good $ sure he can save some of that $ because he is younger then me and lives with his mom&dad still though no degree and he makes good $. The other friend is married, and makes even more then the first friend granted he does have a great background in computers. Meanwhile here I am I got my A.S with a concentration in Early Childhood Education in 2008 and what have I got I work P/T at Cape Cod Community College. No I'm not having a session where I want anyone to tell me what to do, it just is draining knowing that I've got more education then both of them yet I cannot get a job doing what I want, or a job that is 30+ hours doing something. I just wonder was it worth my time and effort to go to college or did I waste my time? Again am I being serious No not really.

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