Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I want to teach

The year was ninety-ninety six I was a nineteen year old Senior at a boarding school on Cape Cod called Riverview. I was one of fourteen senior guys which was a problem because unfortunately the senior dorm fit twelve guys not fourteen. This turned out to be a sign though because I and one other guy were put next door with a Junior, a few sophomores, and finally four to five youngsters that were either eleven or twelve. Except here is the thing one of them became a bit more close to me then all the rest his name was Keith, he was different then the others he took me beating him up not in a violent way more like a big brother would. I at times made sure he was doing his schoolwork when the dorm staff was busy. His life was cut way to short when he passed away December of 2010. Keith, I know your looking down on the entire Riverview Family. You will be missed!! Thanks for helping me be inspired Keith.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Does Education Mean Nothing?

First off is that truly a serious question no not really at this point in time in my life though maybe it is. I have two friends that are extremely successful and neither of them finished getting an Associates Degree, one works for a company called Flextronics which basically is a company that Verizon contractually uses to fix your broken cell phone. He makes good $ sure he can save some of that $ because he is younger then me and lives with his mom&dad still though no degree and he makes good $. The other friend is married, and makes even more then the first friend granted he does have a great background in computers. Meanwhile here I am I got my A.S with a concentration in Early Childhood Education in 2008 and what have I got I work P/T at Cape Cod Community College. No I'm not having a session where I want anyone to tell me what to do, it just is draining knowing that I've got more education then both of them yet I cannot get a job doing what I want, or a job that is 30+ hours doing something. I just wonder was it worth my time and effort to go to college or did I waste my time? Again am I being serious No not really.