Friday, October 1, 2010

Internet Applications?

Alright so we all agree we are in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression right? Well here is what companies are doing to cut costs, they are having you fill out your information online, and sometimes fill out a questionnaire to see what type of employee you are? Yes I said it computers are determining whether or not you can perform the duties of any job that is posted. Why do I have a problem with this you ask? The last time I checked computers can't see your appearance, they can't tell how sincere you are, and they most certainly aren't able to figure out what type of "true" personality you have. Sure the companies save $, and are able to get more $ into their pockets but do they have quality employees?

I'm going to give you a quick example of how this may have worked out for a young man that applied when I was working at a wholesale club in Hyannis. He goes through the entire process of applying for the job online, fills out the questionnaire, and voila they have a candidate, he comes in for the interview looking nice enough, and is hired. The first day of work he walks in wearing ripped jeans, Converse high tops, and a do-rag looking like he's going to take down the store with his gang of hoodlums. What you asked stopped that from actually happening? A person taking his application when he dropped it off, looking it over, and putting a little note on it. That is right a person, you know the ones that you talk to on a daily basis. Maybe you don't know because your up in your office sifting through what the computer has told you is a good or bad candidate for the position that you posted.

One more thing I just want you to imagine for a moment what if the government used this method. That is right you applied to the be the President of the United States, you told them all your work history, answered the questionnaire, and met the requirements to be President. Who do you think we'd end up with? Ludacris, or President Obama? Let's ask the computer.

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