Friday, October 1, 2010

Teachers Wanted?

I saw President Obama's interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show this week, and he was pleading with college students that were in the Education Field to go in that direction. He was telling us all that America needs Great Teachers, and that every successful person can point to a teacher that changed their lives. That may be a True statement but the fact is a Morning News Show devoted an entire week to speaking about Education... maybe that is the reason that kids are dropping out, teachers are discouraged though. Show me what the President or his secretary of education has done to improve our schools. I mean actual proof that our schools are heading in the right direction, and our teachers are less discouraged.

I received my A.S with a concentration in Early Childhood Education from a community college here on the Cape in 2008 what have I done since then? I've continued to pursue being what I am qualified for a Paraprofessional or a 1:1 what has it gotten me, an interview or two, and no responses back from schools who don't see the value of a quick note/ hell even an e-mail saying thanks for your application we've decided to hire someone else. I for one have always been a fighter and I will continue to fight to be that teacher that changes kids lives. I'm lucky in that I get to work in a college vocational program where I see actual proof of the students that I touch. I just hope that one day I'll get the chance to show parents such as my next door neighbor Aaron that not every teacher is low down scum. For more about him visit he is a struggling dad trying to make it work.

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