Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A published book, and another possibly on the way!

About six months ago I did the unthinkable, well at least in my eyes it was. I've been writing about myself and all the events that have taken place in my life because I enjoy writing, and then I had a thought I would investigate what it would take to publish. The key word is investigate, and instead I ended up writing a book. Yes... you heard correctly I wrote a book. Its called Believe and it is about me. I hope that it inspires everyone who ever felt that they couldn't do anything. When I initially wrote it I thought that it was going to be for a specific audience not for the general public and what I found is that it is for everyone.

I knew that I could write I know that sounds a bit cocky but my mom always encouraged us creatively whether it be with writing or with her passion art. I hope that those that choose to read my book will feel the utterly amazing sense of accomplishment and the emotion. I think that is what shocked me the most, my wife, and others who have read it say they cry when reading it. Obviously that isn't the intent but it is nice that my writing touches people that deeply.

To purchase this book you can go to the Cape Cod Community College bookstore, or library. You also are able to purchase it on Amazon, bookamillion.com, borders.com, or Bn.com. I hope that you all do, I'm deeply proud of it, and while it may be a short read especially for those that are fast readers it seems to connect with people.


  1. I loved your book Slader. It is sure to inspire others we think their life can't improve. It really shows the importance of a supportive and loving family. Being persistent, always looking for something better without accepting limitations imposed by "society" is the key to success. It shows that we can learn from mistakes, rather than feel defeated by them. Congratulations on all that you've accomplished, including the success of your book. B. Hawley Berka

  2. oops..sorry for the typo...I meant to say your book will inspire others who think their life can't ever improve. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment B.B. I'd love for you to write a quick review of it on Amazon though if you wouldn't mind. Also be sure to look out for my other book which is completely different than this one. I'd be happy to sign one, and send it once complete.