Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Role Model/why I Educate?

Many people may want to know why I got into the field of education, and for a while at least in the early years when I thought that I wanted to work in the early childhood education field it was because I got Great feedback from parents. Then as time passed, and I realized that I would prefer elementary school students I realized that the most wonderful loving women in the world is why I want to educate. I saw her students ask her for advice, check out her art shows, and be her "student teacher". I saw how much what she did meant to them.

Now all of those students I'm hoping will band together as one and help her. A N.H. bill now has a provision that makes public employees at will employees if a contract expires before a new one is written. So far said bill has passed in the House, and now it moves to the Senate. It is the last thing that this Amazing Loving women deserves, she has put her heart and soul into her teaching for the last at least thirty years, and she inspires me every day. So please if you were at one time a student of hers, or a parent of a student she needs you to help her be heard. Without her inspiring me every day, or her love I wouldn't be where I am today as her son!!

If you want more information here is a link from todays paper in NH. Also below is how to contact her school district/school board.

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