Sunday, July 3, 2011

Customer Service where has it gone to?

I consider myself to be a pretty easygoing individual, and my wife certainly can let things slide without a real issue most of the time. However in the last two weeks I've not been able to as easily.

First let me state that I'm unemployed at the moment not for lack of trying, and my wife works M-F with weekends off. Why do you care you ask? Well see as an unemployed individual I find it hard to believe the way that I get treated sometimes. This is especially true at well-known chain/discount stores of late. The other day I went into a well-known discount store with the intention of buying a few frames not many so I didn't grab a carriage or a basket. While searching for frames I was sipping on a coffee and it was getting down to the end of it, and it turns out I ended up with more frames then expected so I politely walked up to a cashier, and asked if she would please dispose of my coffee for me, the glare that I got from them was it was as if I just asked them to go ahead and wipe my ass after taking a dump. Yes you read that correctly... they took my coffee and preceded to go outside to a trash barrel to dispose of said trash.

As if that wasn't bad enough I also several weeks ago watched as some very young employees including one that was in a supervisory role talked about there friends as several walked in to say hello as I waited for food to be given to me.

What's my point? We're in one of the worst economic stages in American history, and still those that are working don't get that they are DAMN LUCKY to be.... yes you guessed it working!!

On a side note I get that people have bad days but I always was and will teach to those that I teach during the school year leave your attitude, etc at the door. Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to subscribe to my posts.

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